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The new! KFC Cheese Top Burger

Smiley face my photo in 9gag :


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"The youth is the hope of the nation"

Sana magbago na tayo…

Canikon.. A Camera that combines the best of both worlds :)


Bing-Bong, Ting-Ting, Let-Let (sometimes with ‘square’ symbol), Biboy, Buboy, Boboy, Baboy, Jejomar, Luzviminda, Magic Chiongson, Van Go, Chica Go, Cardinal sin, Joker

hahaha.. More fun in the Philippines, a country where imagination and exoticism rule the world of names.

Photoshoots. More fun in the Philippines :)

In the photo : Sam Pinto

Captioned by : Me :)

Taken by : Xander Angeles

Bangkok, It’s more fun with the Philippines. :)

More fun in the Philippines! :D

By : RayAmbler7

Morning Glory Pool (by WorldofArun)

Morning glory pool is considered the most beautiful pool and a must-see of Yellowstone National Park. Its colors are because of the existence of heat-thriving bacteria making a stunning display of hues. The delicate blue water is created by thermophilic bacteria, which thrive in the pool’s searing heat.

Over the years people threw coins, bottles and trash in the pool, reducing its flow and causing the red and orange bacteria to creep in from its edge, replacing the blue bacteria that thrive in the hotter water at the center of the pool.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .. Reblog for fun :D

love ko ‘to :)

My dad playing at 108 Bar - La Azotea, Baguio city :)

Jun Baguilat

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